Segmenting Options

Constituent Type: Add an option to the constituent type field

  • Pro's: easy and contained
  • Con's: Duplicative, one of these things is not like the other, makes data entry hard

Conclusion: Usually not a good option unless it really fits

Add a new custom field

  • Pro's: Precise
  • Con's: Can proliferate in confusing ways (multiple fields that are similar)

Conclusion: usually the best option for distinct data and in combination with a smart group

Put people in a static group

  • Pro's: Can send email!, tracks date added/removed, shows history
  • Con's: Can send email!, can proliferate making it hard to find the commonly used groups

Conclusion: usually the best option for things recognized as "groups"

Add a tag

  • Pro's: easy and quick
  • Con's: Can be confusing when used with groups, no history like with groups

Conclusion: usually the best option for one off or temporary categorizing

Add Activity

  • Pro's: Most flexible!
  • Cont's: Most complicated!

Conclusion: Use for interactions

Customizing PowerBase