Switching from Dupal 7 to Drupal 10 and beyond!

We have to upgrade every Powerbase site from Drupal version 7 to Drupal version 10 over the course of 2024 and early 2025.

What is Drupal?

The Powebase program lives inside another program called Drupal. Drupal serves as an "application framework" that provides basic services for Powerbase, which include:

  • Users - User login creation and management
  • Themes - How pages are layed out and designed

In addition, the versatile form builder called webform is a Drupal program that is extended to work with Powerbase.

For most Powerbase sites, that is it - the rest of the functionality you use every day is part of Powerbase and will not be affected by the Drupal ugprade.

Why do we have to Upgrade? Why is it a big deal?

For over ten years we have been using Drupal version 7. However, that version will no longer be supported in 2025 so we will need to upgrade to continue getting security updates.

Unfortunately, the difference between Drupal 7 and every version after Drupal 7 is quite significant. In fact, sometimes Drupal versions are referred to as Drupal 7 and Drupal 8+ to indicate any version after Drupal 7. In 2024, Drupal 10 is the current version of Drupal, so that is the one we are targeting for the upgrade. After we conduct this upgrade, future Drupal upgrades will be simple.

What is going to change?

Under the hood, the difference between Drupal 7 and Drupal 10 is significant. Fortunately, it should not have a big impact on your day to day operations.

Login Screen

After the upgrade you will be greeted with a brand new login screen:

Drupal Admin area

The Drupal admin area will look different - in particular, there will no longer be a left side bar - all navigation will happen via the menu at the top:


Adding and removing users will be nearly identical - with only cosmetic changes.


Themekey has been completely removed and replaced with a Powerbase extension - you will now be able to change themes for a Petition, Event, Contribution page or Profile by editing the entity itself. Must easier! For more information, see our Dynamic Theme Selector.


Webform has been drastically changed as well. Now, creating a webform is a two step process - first create the webform, then create a webform "node" to display the webform. More details can be found on our Drupal 8+ Webform page.

What about...

Some groups have less common features that will be affected as well. Including:

  1. Language switcher: The language switcher, allowing users to change between the English and Spanish language interface of Powerbase, will be moved to a menu in Powerbase
  2. Masquerade: TBD
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