Registering for a 10 Digit Long Code (10dlc)


Typically, you will get a 10 digit SMS phone number to use and all your texts will appear to come from this phone number.

However, in order to send bulk SMS messages with your number, you must register it as a 10DLC (10 Digit Long Code). This is relatively new, starting in 2021 and in late 2022 it became a requirement.


If you are using Twilio:

You may be interested in the Twilio Article for 501c3's. In short you have to:

  • Click Account -> Customer Profiles and create a non-profit 501c3 profile (and wait for it to be approved)
  • Click the Profile Details and look for the "A2P Messaging (SMS)" section. Then, Register a "US A2P Brand" with "The Campaign Registry" (TCR) - a third party that handles the process for all carriers (you can do this via your Twilio console). You can choose either low volume (less then 6,000 messages per day) or standard. You have to pay a one time fee for this step (also requires a wait on verification)
  • Then, you register a campaign (501c3 organizations we will have the option to create a "charity" campaign).

When applying for the campaign - we have some tips that will help ensure your application is approved.

Create a sign up form

First, if you don't already have one, create a form for people to sign up to receive SMS updates (even if you are not planning on advertising it or even using it - you have to have one for your application). Here's a sample of what it might look like:

You can use the "Do not SMS" field from the Contacts section to add the check box to opt out of SMS messages. Also, note the language - you can add that language in the "Field Post Help" field in your profile. And, although it's not listed in the screen shot above, you should also have a link to your privacy policy. If you don't have a privacy policy, you can crib from PTP's privacy policy.

Suggested language on the form

  • Description: This campaign sends reminders for upcoming educational webinars or membership meetings.

  • Sending messages with embedded links?: Yes

  • Sending messages with embedded phone numbers?: No
  • Message Sample #1: Our webinar on XYZ is starting in 10 minutes and you are registered. You can join by following this link:
  • Message Sample #2: Our annual membership meeting process is starting next month - please register by following this link:
  • How do end-users consent to receive messages?: End users opt-in by visiting [Link to your Profile] and adding their name and phone number and checking a box to agree to receive text messages from YOUR ORG. Opt in occurs after the form is filled out. See screenshot: LINK TO UPLOADED SCREEN SHOT.
  • Opt-in Message: [No option to opt-in via text message is available.]

Click A Tell

If you are using Click A Tell: please see the Click A Tell guide.

Collecting and Managing Contact Information