Using an iframe to display a form on your web site

Adding a link on your web site to your Powerbase form is alwys the easiest way to get people to fill out your form.

However, sometimes you want a bit more control over the look and feel. In these cases you can choose to use the iframe option.

An iframe is a way to embed an external page on your own web site. To use this approach:

  • Configure the form to use the iframe theme
  • Contact support - we have to ensure two settings are configured in your local.settings.php file:
$conf['x_frame_options'] = '';
$conf['samesite_cookie_value'] = 'None';

These settings loosen the typical restrictions imposed on a site that is embedded in an iframe.

  • Add the following code to your web site to incorporate the page:
 <iframe src=""></iframe> 

To use this method, you must have the ability to edit pages on your web site. You also may need to choose an option to use "Full HTML".

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