Anatomy of an Effective Mass Email Design Screen Cast

Learn tips and see examples of effectively written and designed mass email messages.

Screen shots

Below are a couple screenshots of excellent email messaging.

Iowa CCI


  1. Pick a good subject line!
  2. Use the preview message for an additional enticement
  3. One image - and only one image. Looks better and less confusing with an email client that is not displaying images
  4. Text: Really just text, not an infogrphic
  5. Text is all the same size, font and color for uniformity. Some bold, italics and underline to help pull out the critical messages.

Working Washington

Comments on Newsletters

  1. Subject line: Different for each edition. Don't put "Newsletter" in the subject!
  2. Just Two images
  3. Everything is summarized at the top. This is the only thing most people will read
  4. Each story has a link for more information - you can track which links are clicked on to get feedback
Email and Postal Mailings