Scenarios for Advanced Powerbase Training

Scenario 1: Healthy Food Campaign

You have just received city funding to run a healthy food campaign in Columbus that educates your constituents around the issue and with a requirement to bring at least 1,000 people to a series of public events on the topic. Additionally, your organization has identified 4 zip codes that are considered food "deserts" and you want to take advantage of this opportunity to build leadership in these zip codes to change city policy to enable better access to fresh food in these areas.

Scenario 2: Youth Leadership Environment Justice

Your city has just cut its public school budget by 20%. While other organizations are organizing teachers and parents, your organization has decided to focus on youth. Your goals are to identify youth leaders, develop them politically, and contribute to the bigger campaign to restore the funding. There are four schools you are currently working in - and you have ally teachers and about 5 - 10 students in each school that you are already in contact with.

Scenario 3: Statewide Campaign

You are organizing a statewide living wage campaign. A few years ago you successfully organized for a city-wide living wage and now you and your allies are ready to take the campaign state-wide. You will be working with Faith-based institutions, labor unions, migrant rights organizations and college-based organizations. Your overall goals are to organize state-wide to pass a living wage ordinance at the state level during the next legislative session six months from now. You will be taking hundreds of constituents to the state capital to lobby legislators. You will also hold a massive rally the day before the session starts.