A Movement Technology Platform

Build a healthy environment for technology

  1. Provide everyone with full, affordable, high-speed, equitable, content-neutral access to the Internet
  2. Develop an Internet that is democratic, community-centered and governed, open, decentralized, and free of corporate pressure and monopolies.

Change the direction of technology development

  1. Build a political and technology campaign to oppose, restrain and ultimately eliminate intrusive government technology surveillance.
  2. Fundamentally refocus technology development to repair damage to the environment and build a world of climate justice.
  3. To seek out, build, and embrace the potential of digital technologies to protect and advance our movements.

Deepen the collaboration between technologists and the movement

  1. To improve and deepen the collaboration and mutual education between movement technologists and other movement activists and organizations.
  2. To develop and utilize culturally relevant, intersectional, interpersonal technology for movement work that moves beyond settler/colonial technology and is grounded in political education and historical context.
  3. Foster political consciousness about the centrality of technology in movement work, and the urgency of revolutionary movement based technology.