Fundamentals: Contribution Pages

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Introduction to creating contribution pages.


Demonstrate basics of how to enable users to make donations to your campaigns.


Basic knowledge of how to navigate in Powerbase.


30 minutes

Theme: But wait a minute...

A volunteer hears about the membership meeting. They can't come but want to write a check to support the meeting. Wait a minute! How can we record this check??

Demonstrate offline contribution.

  • Lookup contact
  • Click Contributions tab
  • Click New Contribution
  • Explain financial types

But wait a minute! What if he is a normal human being and doesn't carry his checkbook around? How can we accept a credit card donation?

Explain Payment processors

  • Show payment Processor Workflow
  • Discuss vs stripe. Don't use Pay pal, don't use iATS
  • Setup dummy payment processors: include both live and test
  • Demonstrate contribution with credit card

But wait a minute! What if we want people to do this over the Internet?

Show existing contribution page

  • Go to Manage Contribution page
  • Review settings of existing Contribution page, explain how to fill in the intro message and footer
  • Skip sections that are not set
  • Show link to view live and testing page

Final Exercise

No exercise: practice during combined contribution page/event page exercise

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