Protecting your online accounts


Do you know of anyone who has experienced these kinds of attacks?

  1. Receive threats and unfavorable comments
  2. Compromised accounts
  3. Doxxing
  4. DDOS


  • Question: if you experienced any of the above attacks, is your instinct to hide or fight back?
  • Open vs Closed organizing: trade offs
  • Separating personal from work and organization accounts
  • Organization culture - supporting each other
  • Legal / Law Enforcement
  • Knowing your tech providers


  • Password Managers: keepass, browser, lastpass
  • Two factor authentication
  • Upgrade Software
  • Deflect
  • Turn off Bluetooth!

  • Research yourself

  • Set privacy settings in Twitter and Facebook

Wrap up

  • If you are attacked, you are doing something right - be bold
  • Fear of attack is the power of the attack

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