How do I setup PowerBase from our backup on our own server?

Setting up PowerBase on your own server

One of the benefits of PowerBase is that we use all free software. That means you have the ability to take your database, exactly as it is, and move it anywhere you like. We believe that this kind of freedom should be part of all hosted software projects.

Note: PowerBase uses one Database for both Drupal and CiviCRM. When setting up on your server, we recommend that you do the same.

Here are the steps:

  • Setup a virtual server with a working web server (Apache, Nginx), PHP, MySQL or compatible database and drush. Be sure it is accessible via a secure (https) domain name before you go any further and that it can properly server PHP files.
  • Download the drush make file for your version and save it in your home directory.
  • From your web directory, run drush make /path/to/make/file
  • Download the backup file provided by PTP to your home directory and untar it
  • Move the contents of the "drupal" directory into the web/sites/default directory.
  • Edit the settings.php and civicrm.settings.php files as needed
  • Import the sql dump in the backup directory into your database.
  • Run drush civicrm-update-cfg

You will most certainly hit minor snags along the way, but these are the basic steps for getting things up and running.

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