Does the Progressive Technology Project backup our PowerBase database?


We take very seriously the balance between keeping your data private and making sure it is always accessible. Toward that end, we have multiple backup strategies in place. All backup strategies use full disk encryption so that if the server is ever seized by the authorities, your data cannot be read.

PowerBase nightly backup

Every night, your database is backed up and saved on both your server and at least one other server in another city.

PowerBase monthly

On the first of the month, your nightly backup is tucked away so we can always restore a backup from the first of any month going back a full 12 months

May First/People Link Incremental

In addition, we take advantage of the backup service provided by May First/People Link, which makes an incremental backup going back 10 days, allowing us to recover databases for any given day going back 10 days.

May First/People Link secondary

May First/People Link has a secondary emergency backup system that takes a nightly copy of your database and stores it on a server in their offices

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