Email a report on a regular schedule


Setting a dashlet is the recommended way to have a constantly updated report displayed to users on a regular basis.

The dashlet approach avoids sending sensitive data via email, which is a notoriously insecure method.

However, in some cases, sending report data via email is the best option.

With PowerBase, you can create a report instance and configure your database to send a copy of the report to one or two email addresses on a regular basis.


The first step is to create and save your report instance.

Then, click the "Email access" tab of the report and enter an email address to send the report to. You can put one address in the To field and one address in the Cc field.

Take note of your reports instance id. You will need it later. The instance ID is part of the web address in your browser's location bar that comes after "instance/". If you report address is: civicrm/report/instance/5?reset=1&output=criteria

Then, your report instance would be: 5.

Next, go to the Scheduled Jobs section of your database by clicking Administer -> System Settings -> Scheduled Jobs

Click the "Add new scheduled job" button. You can add as many email report scheduled jobs as you need. However, each report must have it's own scheduled job.

Fill in the values. The parameters should be:


Be sure enter the correct Instance ID number for the real report you want to add (not 0, as in the example above, or 42 in the screen grab).

The format options can be either csv for comma separated vaues or pdf