Stop spam entries from forms placed on your organization web site

Many organization use the profile snippet functionality to copy and paste some HTML code onto your organizational web site to provide a simple "Join Us" or "Subscribe" feature to your web site. When the user fills it out, they are automatically added to your database and redirected to your web site.

However, there is one problem: spammers. Many spam robots automatically fill out these forms which adds a lot of garbage to your database.

With PowerBase, we have a special functionality that can help you avoid this problem.

By adding the following HTML code to the form on your web site, you will be adding an invisible field for an additional email address. Most humans won't see the field and won't fill it out. However, it will be visible to robots, who will fill it out.

Then, when the form is submitted, if there is a value for that field, the entire submission is ignored.

Here's the code to add. You can add it anywhere between the opening and closing form tags.

<label style="display: none;" for="email-Fako">Fako Email</label><input style="display: none;" name="fako_email" id="fako_email" type="text">
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