Email to Activity

PowerBase automatically provides the ability to record an activity for a contact by sending an email to a special email address. When PowerBase receives the email, it will create an activity tied to the contacts in the database matching the From, To:, and Cc: email addresses.

The email address to use depends on the web address of your database. For example, if your database address was, then your email address would be

Here is what you can expect:

  • It only works with individual contacts, not organization contacts.
  • If a contact with a matching email address does not exist, then the contact will be created.
  • The activity will be "added by" and also "assigned to" the email address of the person who sent it
  • It will be "With" all of the email addresses in the To or Cc fields
  • The processor runs every ten minutes - so you won't get an immediate response when you send an email - you may have to wait up to 10 minutes
  • You cannot email activities to cases - they will appear in the Activities tab. However, after sending the email, you can lookup the activity in the Activities tab and click the "File on case" link.
Collecting and Managing Contact Information