Setup Twilio in PowerBase

This page documents how to setup PowerBase to use the Twilio SMS service. See our SMS page for more information on SMS in general.

Sign up for a Twilio Account

Go to the Twilio website and sign up for an account. You can create a trial account and test, but you will need to upgrade your account in order to send SMS messages properly.

Get your "Account SID" and "Auth Token"

In Twilio, go to the "Console Dashboard" and look in the top right corner for these values.

Configure SMS Provider Settings in CiviCRM.

  • To reach the SMS provider settings page, navigate through the menus as follows: Administer » System Settings » SMS Providers
  • Click on "Add New Provider" button.
  • In the Manage SMS Provider Page, the providers that are enabled are available. If you don't see your provider, you may need to enable the twilio extension.
  • Choose Twilio.
  • Type some name for your SMS provider in the Title textbox. It can be anything.
  • The Username is the AccountSid (see above for how to find your AccountSId and Auth Token)
  • The Password is your AUTH token.
  • Select "http" for the API Type. The API Url is
  • Under API Parameters, you need to put in the phone number Twilio provides for your account, like this: From=12345678901 You need to include the prefix 1 in the "From" phone number. Also, it is case sensitive, so please put in "From", not “FROM”.

Twilio Configuration Screen on PowerBase

Configure Twilio to send responses back to your database

  • Log into your Twilio account
  • Click on the menu item called "Phone Numbers" (it is represented with the symbol: #)
  • Click on your phone number and you will have access to a bunch of settings.
    • The Messaging setting allows you to put in a URL which will get called whenever someone replies to an SMS that you have sent out.
    • Change "A message comes in" to display the option: Webhook
    • Enter: ​ replacing SITE with your site

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