Automatically fill in Date Started for web signups

If you using an HTML snippet on your web site to allow people to sign up for your newsletter or otherwise join your PowerBase database, you may want to have the "Date Started" field to be automatically populated.

You can do that!

It requires three steps.

First, add the Date Started to your profile in PowerBase.

Second, generate your HTML Snippet and look for the Date Started field. Try doing a search in the HTML snippet for "Date Started." For example, you might see:

<div id="editrow-custom_13" class="crm-section editrow_custom_13-section form-item">  <div class="label">   <label for="custom_13">Date Started</label>  </div>  <div class="edit-value content">   <input format="mm/dd/yy" timeformat="" startoffset="30" endoffset=& quot;10" data-crm-custom="Constituent_Info_Individuals:" name="custom_13" type="text" value="06/02/15" id="custom_13" class="crm-form-text" />  </div>

Third, make a change. Pay close attention to the custom number in your code. In the example above, it is custom_13. In your code, it might be custom_14 or custom_123. After recording this id, remove the entire section from your HTML snippet and replace it with:

<input style="display: none;" name="custom_13" type="text" id="custom_13" /> <script type="text/javascript">document.getElementById('custom_13').value = new Date().toISOString().slice(0, 10);</script>

In this case, the id is: custom_13. Note - that shows up in three places - be sure you are using the right id for your site!

Now, when a user submits the form, their "Date started" field will automatically be updated.

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