Searching and Segmenting in PowerBase

Maybe you've had PowerBase for a while but did you know it could help you create very specific lists of contacts so you can communicate with them in an effective, relevant manner? Well yes you can in PowerBase!

When working with data about your constituency, you want to work strategically to maximize your efforts, whether you're making a list of donors, organizing your community or sending out an email. Gone are the days where you create a list of just everyone with an email address or phone number. We want to engage with our constituents in ways that are relevant to their needs and interests. PowerBase can help you do this.

In an organizing campaign, you want to be able to quickly find the people you are targeting. For example, your organization is having a rally and you want to turn out people to attend as well as to help. With PowerBase, you can easily search who are your most active constituents and send them an email or call them.

You could search for everyone who has attended at least three events in the last six months. PowerBase will allow you to find these people easily. Segmenting them or putting them in a group/list that you can then use later is key. Using a special type of group called a smart group, also known as a saved search or query, can ensure that your group remains useful over time. With a smart group, whenever a contact meets the criteria of your search, they get added automatically. They also get removed if they no longer meet the criteria.

In another scenario, imagine sending a mass email to your major donors. Creating a smart group consisting of major donors will easily have them available for this mailing. This frees up your time to write the content of the email.

Having your contacts PowerBase is good. Knowing how to find and segment them is great! You'll focus more on your strategy and your goals since you already know how to pull up a list of contacts to provide them tailored, relevant content.

Please check out (download) these articles below on search and on creating donor smart groups.