How can I send a mailing to everyone who hasn't responded yet to an initial mailing?

Start by creating groups of people to exclude from your mailing:

  1. Create group for people that have opened the emai:

    • Go to: Search -> Advanced Search
    • Select Mailings accordion
    • Select your mailing
    • Click the button for opened so that you get those who opened it
    • Click Search and then take the option to add these people to a regular group called "Responded to Mailing X" (replace X with a descriptive name of your mailing)
  2. Optionally, add people that have registered for your event to your group

    • Go to Search -> Advanced Search
    • Select the Events Accordion
    • Select the event you are tracking
    • Select the appropriate participant status, if needed.
    • Click Search and take the option to add these people to the group that you created above
  3. Sending the next Email

    • Send to the same group who received the first email
    • Choose to exclude the group you just created above.

Note: If you experience very slow searches when looking for people who have opened previous emails, you may consider purging old email statistics.

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