MCF 2014 Convening Workshop: New Communication Technologies for Effective Membership Recruiting

This workshop was conducted by Alice Aguilar, Executive Director, of PTP and Scott Douglas, Executive Director of Greater Birmingham Ministries and Board Member of PTP during the Marguerite Casey Foundation 2014 National Convening on September 22nd, 2014 in Atlanta Georgia.

Workshop Description: PTP and GBM share their technology tools and demonstrate how they have helped grassroots organizations to expand their membership bases.


  • Participants understand the importance of developing a more integrated approach to doing their work and how technology supports those efforts
  • We will share case studies of groups integrating their organizing, communications, and fundraising to demonstrate examples of what an “Integrated approach” means
  • Participants develop a clearer sense of the important role of data in there organizing, communications, and fundraising work
  • Participants will gain an understanding that to "Harness the Power of Data" involves developing a culture of use – an internal culture of training, discussions, and using the database
  • We will share what meaningful information groups need to collect and methods of developing strong data collection, fundraising, and communications practices that are aligned and integrated
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