How to get help with PowerBase

This page is a good place to start to find out how to engage with PTP to get support, coaching, or training on how to use your PowerBase for organizing.

We offer PowerBase Support arrangements for organizations that would like coverage for a wide variety of questions about their implementation of PowerBase and we also provide support for upgrades and maintenance for all our PowerBase hosted groups. The support arrangements that are available to PowerBase groups are documented here:

Check Online Resources First

Before contacting PTP's PowerBase Support, we recommend that you first check out the following online resources:

Reaching out for PowerBase Support

Here's how you reach PTP with support questions:

  • Send an email to We jointly monitor this account and we will respond as soon as we can. This is the preferred approach. --OR--
  • Call PowerBase Support at 512-782-8478. If it’s during business hours and we're available, making a call may be a good way to get a quicker response for the help you need. If you leave a voice message, it will be forwarded to our support email box.

updated December 18, 2017

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