As a part of KFTC's member outreach / communications strategy this year, we want to offer phone call gatherings, on a host of different topics, that are member-chosen and member-directed. Along with the call, we would like to be able to offer a visual presentation with some of the information--for example, a powerpoint. A leader member or staff member would present some information to start the conversation and folks would be simultaneously seeing the powerpoint, then after, we would have open conversation and Q and A. We feel like it is a good way to reach out to folks across the state so that they can learn more while being in the comfort of their own homes / towns.

However, the only means we have to do this now is literally to walk people through a powerpoint posted online. Literally, to say "flip to the next slide" every time they need to move forward. If folks don't have access to a computer with powerpoint, they can go to the office or at a gathering point specified by the organizer. We tried it and overall, it went well, but we would like to improve.

Is there any technology readily available (and inexpensive) to post the powerpoint online and allow the moderate to flip the slides forward without having to ask each person to do that?

Are there any other organizations out there doing something similar that might have advice for me?

Thanks in advance! Peace, Nancy

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