Grassroots Fundraising & Technology Training - Mar 2 & 3, 2015 Austin, TX

The 2-day Grassroots Fundraising & Technology Training will help groups understand how to integrate their grassroots fundraising with their on-going organizing and communications activities. We emphasize multi-channel approaches to grassroots fundraising so that online and on-the-ground activities are highly coordinated and inter-connected. We will also help groups build their skills to implement and coordinate their data practices, fundraising tasks, and communications through using PowerBase or CiviCRM, an open-source Constituent Relationship Management platform (CRM).

Our approach to our grassroots fundraising program is holistic. We will:

  • Elevate the concept that grassroots fundraising is organizing, it’s just that one of the organizing goals is raising money
  • Build an internalized understanding among participants of the elements of an integrated fundraising approach and how to design an integrated fundraising campaign
  • Help groups understand, develop and successfully implement a sprint fundraising campaign – a multichannel fundraising campaign of limited duration – one that’s connected to medium and long-term fundraising goals
  • Stress the importance of integrated online and offline communications activities using a multi-channel approach
  • Identify best practices specific to data collection and data management with a particular emphasis on how to approach each with an integration mindset
  • Lay out a clear step-by-step methodology that groups can use/ & adapt for their organizational capacity and fundraising needs
  • Talk about how an organization’s future grassroots fundraising potential is linked to the data collection practices starting from the very first contact – with an integrated mindset
  • Help groups build the concrete skills they need to use PowerBase or CiviCRM – an open source Constituent Relationship Management System (CRM) -- effectively as a tool to support their grassroots fundraising campaigns
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