Integrating Casework and Organizing: Tracking wage theft cases and Organizing those affected

Sunflower Community Action and VOZ both work with wage theft cases.

1. We need an intake form:
-Worker Name
-Worker Address
-Worker Phone number
-Worker Email
-Employer Name
-Employer Address
-Employer Phone number
-Employment Start Date
-Work Date (for each day of work) and Work Hours (Clock in time, Clock out time)
-Hours Paid
-Last Date Paid
-Total Amount Owed by Employer
-Assigned to (Name of Staff or Volunteer)
-Action Taken: Where and when was claim filed?
-Follow up Action taken: Fax to where, when?
-Follow up Action taken: Phone call to whom, when?
-Follow up Action taken: Contacted Worker on (date) by (phone, mail, in person)
-Resolution: Employer will pay? When? How much?
-Case Status: Closed, Denied, Pending

2. We need to be able to track:
-# of claims filed
-# of cases won
-amount of money recovered in a given year
-# of cases pending
-# of cases that could not be solved
-# of cases resolved but not paid yet
-# of cases resolved by the appropriate government agency (Dept of Labor, Bureau of Labor and Industry)
-# of cases resolved by a private attorney
-# of cases resolved by small claims court
-# of cases resolved by direct action

3. We need to integrate individual cases into our overall Campaign to reduce wage theft. This Campaign would include events such as Direct Actions, Community Forums and Workshops to bring together those affected.

So does this mean integrating CiviCase with CiviEngage?

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